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Tips for a successful real estate appraisal of your unit

The process of determining the price of the property and valuing it is one of the most important pillars of buying and selling and dividing the heirs and others in the field of real estate. Real estate and asset assessment for the accounting books of large companies, insuring the real estate, and determining the value of taxes on the real estate “real estate taxes”. But for most people, determining a fair price to buy a house, apartment or plot of land is the most useful real estate appraisal application. In this blog, we present to you an introduction to the basic concepts and methods of real estate appraisal and the foundations of real estate appraisal, especially with regard to buying and selling real estate.First of all, you should know the differences between real estate appraisal and real estate appraisal Valuation of the property: the valuation of the price, the price is what you actually pay to buy the property and the price is the amount written in the sales contract. Real estate appraisal: the appraisal of the value, and the value of any real estate is determined from the benefits that the real estate owner obtains from owning the real estate, and the value of the real estate is determined by the resident experts.

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Technically, the value of the property is defined as the benefits that the property owner obtains from owning the property, unlike many consumer goods that are used quickly, the benefits of real estate ownership are generally realized over a long period of time, so an estimate of the value of the property must take It takes into account economic and social trends, as well as governmental controls or regulations and environmental conditions that may affect the four elements of value: ♣ Demand: The desire or need to own property, and this desire or need must be backed by money in order for the desire to be satisfied. ♣ Benefit: The ability to meet the wishes and needs of future property owners. ♣ Scarcity: The limited supply of real estate competing for the property being purchased. ♣ Transferability: The ease of transferring ownership of the property from one person to another. ♣ Offer: Availability of completed properties, whether new or used, for sale.

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